3 Starbucks-Related Hacks to Try Immediately

Photo by Angelica Reyes on Unsplash

Starbucks is more or less a staple of mainstream coffee culture and they’re known for their fun and unique flavored coffee drinks and wild frozen Frappuccinos! If you love your Starbucks drinks and want to enjoy Starbucks drinks on your own terms (or just save yourself some time and money), there are lots of Starbucks “hacks” out there for you to try. Here are three to get you started.

Home Frappuccinos

If you’ve ever seen those glass-bottled Frappuccinos in stores, you’ve probably been tempted to buy one just to have that Starbucks goodness to reach for right in your fridge. But if you’ve ever tried one, maybe you noticed—it doesn’t really taste like much more than sweet milky coffee! That’s because, as it turns out, it’s only the base: you need to provide the ice. Pour that baby into a powerful blender or food processor with a cup of ice and blend it to make an easy frozen drink right at home!

Buy Your Own Syrup

If you have one or two syrups that you like to get pumped into your drink, the cost of your drink can start to add up. But did you know Starbucks sells bottles of their most popular flavors? To save some money, just buy a bottle and keep it wherever you drink your coffee. It’s cheaper and you can control the taste of your coffee more easily. Plus, if you’re just there for the flavor, you can buy your latte somewhere cheaper and add the flavor yourself.

Order on the App

If you’ve stood in line recently at a Starbucks, you’ve probably noticed there’s a separate section for “app orders” where drinks are placed before people are even present to pick them up. If you want to save yourself the hassle of waiting in the morning rush line and your local Starbucks is open on the inside (many are drive-thru only since COVID), get the app and order before heading there. It’s a little like ordering takeout!