3 Recipes to Help You Use Up Leftover Rice

Photo by Kalyani Akella on Unsplash

Rice is an important staple of many dishes from all over the world, but it’s near impossible to make the exact amount of rice you’ll need for a given dish. That means leftover rice is a common occurrence, which is part of why there are so many classic dishes made using it all over the world! If you’ve got leftover rice in your fridge here are some ways to use it up.


Congee is an East Asian rice porridge often served for breakfast. You can make it by simply simmering your leftover rice in lots of water until it breaks down into a porridgey texture. The longer you cook it, the less distinct the individual grains will be. Flavor with soy sauce, sesame oil, and whatever else you like. Top with a soft-boiled egg, green onions, and sesame seeds!


Omurice, or “rice omelet”, is a classic Japanese dish that started out as a way to use up leftover rice but today has become something of a delicacy with gourmet chefs making versions with beautiful French-style omelets. However it’s still a great way to use up rice and a less fancy version is easily prepared at home by cooks of any skill level.

Chicken and Rice Soup

A staple of many American childhoods, chicken and rice soup is a comforting broth with some rice to add something chewy as well as a grain for a more substantial dish. You can also throw some rice into any soup to make it more filling!