3 Foods You Should Definitely be Pairing With Tequila

Tequila and lemon
Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash

If you thought wine was the only alcohol worth pairing, we have some wonderful news. Tequila is best known for going with lemon and salt, but there are a host of other flavors which can enhance those in the spirit and make it even more delicious to drink.


If you have never considered pairing apples with tequila, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Yet, it is the acid in the apple which makes this work so well. Think of how the acid in citrus brings the agave in the liquor to life.


Very few things don’t go with chocolate, but tequila is, surprisingly, one of the best. The amount of cocoa in the chocolate will also influence the taste of the tequila. Those with a higher percentage of cocoa will pick up the coffee and savory notes, while lower percentages lean more towards cooked agave and citrus notes.


Next time you’re having sushi, skip the sake and order tequila. The fruitiness of the drink tends to cut through the fish, making a brilliant combination. Some winning pairs include a Lowlands tequila with salmon and a Highlands tequila with yellowtail.