3 Classic Mediterranean Dishes to Try 

Photo by Kao Rodriguez on Unsplash

Mediterranean cuisine spans multiple cultures and is varied in nature, mainly focusing on oil, veggies, fish, and legumes. While different regions of the Mediterranean have lots of differences, each culture executes similar dishes differently. The core of cuisine has the same fundamentals, so here are our top three Mediterranean dishes that you should try. 

Cauliflower With Tahini

Simply roast a head of cauliflower with butter until the cauliflower is soft, soft enough to break with a spoon. Once cooked, drizzle tahini all over. It is also common to add cilantro or mint for garnish. 


Shakshuka is a dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, often served with pita or bread on the side. This Mediterranean dish is commonly eaten in Morocco, Tunisia, and Israel. Still, it has grown in popularity worldwide as an exotic breakfast option. All you need is onion, garlic, pepper, canned tomatoes, and eggs as your base. This dish is quick and easy to make, and you can add any additional toppings or veggies as you wish. 


While the western world often considers Hummus an appetizer or side dish, it is common in Arab countries to have this as a main dish. In Arabic counties, as well as Israel, it is common to get Hummus with different toppings such as minced meat, chickpeas, mushrooms, and more. This thick and warm dish will fill you up more than you think.