3 Best Sweet Breakfasts From Around the World

Photo by Alessia Chinazzo on Unsplash

Do you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast? It seems like savory breakfast people have more options, but perhaps you just need some new ideas. Sweet breakfast options can be found in every corner of the world and there’s nothing wrong with wanting some more sweetness in your life. Here are three amazing sweet breakfasts from around the world.

Bostock, France

You’ve heard about the French toast (French don’t call it that, by the way), but have you heard about an even better sweet bread breakfast from France? Bostock is a cake-type pastry that comes from Normandy and consists of brioche bread sweetened with syrup and topped with frangipane (almond sweet cream) and some sliced almonds. It’s impossible not to love it!

Pączki, Poland

Pączki are traditional jelly-filled doughnuts that are flattened but still fluffy. The top is covered with a glaze or just simple sugar, and the inside can be filled with jelly, but also with cream and fruit.

Cornetto, Italy

The Italians typically eat a light breakfast. You’ll often see people grabbing a cornetto with some coffee on their way to work. Cornetto is similar to a croissant but it’s filled with chocolate spread or fruit jam. It goes great with a cup of cappuccino or espresso.