Where to Get Plant Based Protein

Rice and beans
Photo by Dragne Marius on Unsplash

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and feel like you’ve been lacking in protein, we’ve got you covered with a short list of protein sources that are easy to secure, cost-effective, and delicious. Keep reading for some of our top favorite plant-based protein sources.

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans together as one, make for the ultimate complete protein source. Whether you have it alone or as a side, it makes a great, filling, and delicious source of protein.


Tofu is a fairly common source, but we included it in this list because of its sheer versatility in multiple recipes. Due to its neutral flavor, tofu can take on the flavor of anything you cook it with, making it an excellent main source of protein on any day of the week. Enjoy it tossed in a wok and whipped into a stir fry, on top of a burrito bowl, or roasted on its own with veggies. The realm of tofu possibilities is endless.


Edamame served on its own is a delicious snack and a wonderful source of protein. It can also be tossed into salads and stir fry making it an additional flavor and protein enhancer in any dish you serve.

Nuts and Seeds

We’ve included nuts and seeds because of how great they are as a lone protein source, either as a snack or tossed in salads. Enjoy a handful of almond or pistachios post-workout, or toss some pumpkin seeds on top of soups or in salads. Seeds like chia are also great in the pudding and also a source of omega, making it not only a protein-dense, but a heart-healthy addition to your diet.