Wendy’s is Offering Cheeseburgers for Just One Cent

Photo by Batu Gezer on Unsplash

Getting a cheeseburger for 1 cent in today’s economy is impossible, right? Well, not if you ask Wendy’s. The popular fast food chain just announced they will be offering a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger for 1 cent as part of the National Cheeseburger Day celebration.

The promotion will run from September 18th through September 22nd and comes with a few requirements. For starters, you will be able to get those 1-cent cheeseburgers only if you make some other purchase at Wendy’s first. Also, you will have to redeem it by using their official app or website.

If you ask us, going through this is worth it when it scores you a cheeseburger for just 1 cent.

But this National Cheeseburger Day celebration isn’t the only way you can get some freebies at Wendy’s in the upcoming weeks. The fast food chain will also give you a free soft drink with any purchase in the last week of September. Earlier this month, they were offering complimentary French fries for customers. 

Wendy’s has been making life quite exciting for its customers in recent months. Aside from great deals, the fast food chain also introduced several new items to its menu. This includes Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, Queso Fries, and several new Frosty flavors like Strawberry and Pumpkin Spice.