Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers to Make a Delicious Crunchwrap

Thanksgiving leftovers
Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

If you had a lot of guests on Thanksgiving, chances are that you have some leftover food from your feast. Rather than letting it go to waste, here’s how you can turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into scrumptious crunchwraps.

Prep the Tortillas

Get some tortillas and fill them with green beans, cranberry sauce, cheddar, stuffing, and turkey. Fold the tortillas so that the ingredients don’t fall out.

Heat Them Up

Pour a thin layer of vegetable oil into a nonstick pan and turn up the stove to medium heat. Place each tortilla in the pan and heat until the bottom is golden brown. Then, switch sides. This could take around three minutes on each side.


Once each side is golden brown, your crunch wrap is ready to serve. Repeat the process with all the remaining crunch wraps before cutting each one in half. Serve each crunch wrap with gravy for some added flavor.