Three Ways to Use Up Ripe Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits purchased in supermarkets, but they are also one of the most wasted. You may feel like you’ve had your fill of banana bread, but there are plenty of ways to use up the overripe fruit. Here is some inspiration that will help you make the most of your fruit bowl.

Baked Bananas

This might just be the simplest dessert recipe ever. Take your overripe bananas (ideally one per person), slice them, and place them in an ovenproof dish. If there are some really ripe parts, you can gently mash them to improve their texture and appearance. Drizzle some honey or maple syrup over the bananas, and 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Sprinkle nutmeg over the top if you wish, then bake in the oven at low heat for 25 minutes. Served with vanilla ice cream, yogurt, or cream.


If you mash or blend one to two bananas, you can use them to thicken and sweeten a curry recipe. The banana adds a delicious twist, but if the curry you are making is already quite sweet or rich you may want to reduce other ingredients such as coconut or tomato.

Fried Chicken

Whilst chicken and bananas may not seem like a natural pairing, it is worth a try. You can use mashed bananas as part of your marinade to add sweetness and a soft, tender texture.

  • To serve four people, you will need four chicken breasts, two bananas, two cloves of garlic, a small piece of ginger, chili paste, and oil.
  • Mash or blend the bananas (if blending, add a little oil to make the mix smoother). Stir a teaspoon of chili paste into the bananas, and finely slice the ginger and garlic before adding.
  • Heat oil in a pan, add the banana mix, and allow it to heat through. Add the chicken breasts, and sear on each side for two minutes.
  • Heat the oven to 390°F. Place the chicken breasts, with a little of the banana marinade, in a roasting tray and cook for half an hour. Check the chicken is cooked through before serving.