3 Ways to Deglaze a Pan

Stir fry
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

If you’re frying vegetables such as garlic or onion, it can be really frustrating when they stick to the pan. This is where deglazing is so important, using a liquid to help keep the vegetables moving and reduce sticking. The question is, which liquid to use? Depending on your choice, the deglazer can flavor the dish and impact the final outcome. Check out three liquids used for deglazing here.


If you’re cooking mushrooms, meat, fish, or a wide array of vegetables, using red or white wine to deglaze can add fantastic flavor. Start with just a tablespoon, as it’s very easy to overuse wine and this can spoil the flavor of the dish.


Adding a splash of balsamic, red wine, or cider vinegar at that crucial stage when the food begins to stick in the pan is extremely effective. Do be aware that adding too much vinegar will impact the overall flavor, so consider balancing it with some water, too. This works well if you’re cooking tomatoes, potatoes, or onions.

Soy Sauce

A fantastic liquid to deglaze with, soy sauce will lend its delicious umami taste to whatever you’re cooking. A classic in a stir fry, you could also use soy sauce when making ramen, curry, or chili.