The Best 2-Ingredient Dessert Recipes

Sometimes you feel like an extra-indulgent dessert, but you really don’t have the energy or time to start baking some fancy cake. No worries, these super quick, two-ingredient recipes got you! Let’s dive in.

2-Ingredient Chocolate Truffles

Okay, prepare to be wowed, since this super simple recipe by @kayoukitchen is also super delicious. All it requires is cocoa powder and condensed milk, thoroughly mixed in a bowl, then put in the fridge and cut into squares. That’s literally it.

@kayoukitchen 2-INGREDIENT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES 🤯🍫 recipe in the link in our bio 👀 Ok, these truffles are the bomb! We’re still mind blown you can make such good truffles with just two ingredients. They’re slightly fudgy and super chocolaty, perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth. Enjoy and tag us @kayoukitchen, seeing your creations makes us the happiest 🥰 #chocolatetruffles #chocolate #dessert #sweettooth #easyrecipes #homemade #foodie #2ingredientsrecipe ♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

2-Ingredient Oreo Mug Cake

More chocolate coming your way, and this time: Oreos! This recipe by @madsie.s consists of Oreos crushed in a mug together with some milk. The only next step is putting them in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and you have yourself a yummy cake. You’re welcome.

@madsie.s 2 ingredient Oreo Mug Cake 🤩💗 who doesn’t love a soft and delicious cake 🍰 #food #foodie #cake #mugcake #recipe #tiktokfood #foodtiktok #easyrecipe #oreo ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

2-Ingredient Kinder Chocolate Mousse

Finishing with a fancy-looking dessert: a refreshing Kinder chocolate mousse by @fitwaffle. How do you make it? You melt some Kinder chocolate in the microwave and let it cool while whisking heavy cream in a bowl, then mix the two together and whisk some more. Pipe it into a glace, and it’s a restaurant-level dessert.

@fitwaffle 2-ingredient Kinder Chocolate Mousse #kinder #mousse #easyrecipe ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show