New to Baking? Try a “Not From Scratch” Recipe

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Every baker has their own journey from where they started. If you’re someone who’s considering getting into the world of baking, there’s no shame in starting small. In fact, we’d encourage you to take baby steps instead of doing more than you’re capable of. But what do baby steps look like in the world of baking? In our opinion, it’s cooking not from scratch, and here’s why you should try it out.

Easy Does It

Baking something not from scratch is what happens when you use a Pillsbury or Duncan Hines mix to make a cake. The baking preparation process is usually quite simple, often requiring you to put together a few eggs, a measurement of water, a measurement of vegetable oil, as well as the cake mixture powder itself.

Nothing to Prove

Many well-seasoned bakers may scoff at this “paint-by-numbers” approach to baking, but here’s what we have to say to that. First of all, if it tastes good, it tastes good. Second of all, beginners should absolutely be starting off this way. It’s a great baby step into the complex world of baking, from dealing with measurements to deciding when the right time to take out a cake is. Ultimately, it’ll also help you decide if baking is for you, so give it a shot.