KFC is Bringing Hot and Spicy Wings to the U.S.

It isn’t surprising to see popular fast food chains having exclusive menu offerings in different parts of the world. However, it was always somewhat puzzling that KFC offered hot and spicy wings on its menus in almost every country it operates except the United States. Luckily, that’s about to change.

KFC announced that it is bringing hot and spicy wings to its customers in the United States on September 10th. The launch of the new menu item aligns with the start of the new football season, something that the fast food chain planned, according to their press release.

As part of the launching campaign, customers will be able to grab a box containing eight Hot & Spicy Wings for $4.99.

“We’re coming in HOT (and spicy) this football season with a truly unmatched deal,” KFC’s chief marketing officer Nick Chavez said in a statement. “Bench the other players. Why get six wings for $5.99 when you can start our eight-piece Hot & Spicy Wings instead for just $4.99?”

The Hot & Spicy Wings were first launched in Trinidad and Tobago before spreading to other global markets in Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are marinated in a special blend that results in a spicier kick compared to KFC’s other “hot” offerings while also being double-breaded before being popped in the fryer.