Improve Your Hotel Room Coffee With These Tricks

A cup of coffee
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Those who travel for work have likely had their fair share of coffee in a hotel. While hotel bars and restaurants usually tend to do a fine job with making a cappuccino or Americano, the same cannot often be said of the coffee found in one’s hotel room. 

Typically presented in sachets, hotel room coffee is instant and hardly ever fresh. Yet, it is often the first hit of caffeine of the day and thus relied upon to kickstart one’s system. Here are some ways to make hotel room coffee taste better than expected.

A Sprinkle of Salt

This may sound bizarre, but salt is quite the magic ingredient. Used in a variety of dishes and to bring out sweetness (oh, the irony), salt can also help to improve your coffee. Sprinkle some on the grounds before brewing and it should slightly remove the acidity.

Orange Juice

If the coffee is truly awful, try disguising it instead. Mix it with orange juice and tonic water, and presto, you have a signature coffee drink!

Bottled Water

Tap water does not always have the best taste, so it’s not recommended to add it to your coffee which is already on the iffy side. Rather use bottled water that has a higher magnesium count as this will actually improve the sweetness and texture of the coffee.