Fake Meat Brands That All Vegans Should Know About

Fake meat
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Whether you’ve been a vegan your whole life, or if you’re only now just starting to decide to become one, there are some incredible fake meat options out there for you to try. Technology has advanced so far over the years that it’s come to a point where many people can’t even tell the difference between fake meat and real meat! Not just that, but some of these fake meats are so good that some people have even dared say that it’s actually better than real meat. But which fake meat brands are the best? Here are two of our favorites.

Impossible Foods

As the name suggests, Impossible Foods’ flavor is so similar to that of meat that it always seems impossible that it’s not actually real. Just sink your teeth into one of these delicious veggie burgers and realize why everyone’s been raving about this company non-stop. It’s impossible to resist!

Beyond Meat

Outside of Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat has also emerged as one of the world leaders in fake meat production. Indeed, even some meat eaters prefer eating it instead of regular meat, because it’s not as heavy on one’s stomach. Tasty, delectable, juicy, and super similar to actual meat, we highly recommend testing this one out.