DiGiorno Has Made a Pizza With Pickles and Pineapples

DiGiorno has a new pizza coming out that is bound to create some controversy. The frozen pizza brand recently announced that it is launching a new product that features pickles and pineapples.

Pickles have become somewhat acceptable topping on a pizza thanks to TikTok, but pineapple still remains a “no-no” on pizza for a lot of people. However, DiGiorno thinks there are enough people who like these toppings to put them on a single frozen pizza.

One half of DiGiorno’s Pineapple Pickle Pizza comes topped with pineapple, while the other half is covered with pickles. Its other features include “a hand-tossed crust,” mozzarella cheese, and “creamy garlic sauce.”

It is currently a limited product that won’t be available in retail. Instead, those brave enough to try it will be able to claim it for free through DiGiorno’s official website. Keep in mind that there is a limit to one free Pineapple Pickle Pizza per person, and the shipments are only available in the United States.

DiGiorno says that it will keep on handing out this divisive pizza creation until the supplies last. However, there will be several drops on a weekly basis, so don’t be discouraged if you see it has been “sold out.”