Convert Recipes Into Air Fryer Recipes With These Tips

Onion rings
Photo by Erkan Avanoglu on Pexels

If you have an air fryer, then you probably know just how quick and easy cooking becomes with this ingenious appliance, not to mention tasty. Still, while not every recipe is suitable for air frying, who says that they can’t be made to adapt with some adjustments? Here are some ways to convert conventional recipes into air fryer recipes.

Breaded Foods Are Better

Whether it’s beer-battered fish or prawns tempura, wet batters typically don’t work well in an air fryer. Still, you don’t have to give up on your favorite battered dishes if you simply switch to breaded versions.

Use Some Oil

While air fryers are famous for not needing oil, using a dash of oil on your favorite dishes will add that extra crispiness. This will also enable you to cook food that would otherwise come out dry in an air fryer.

Shake It Up

If the food you’re cooking typically doesn’t cook through in an air fryer, fear not. All you have to do is shake the basket a few times and flip larger pieces. Adding some oil will also help.