Check Out This Oven-Less Garlic Bread

Garlic bread
Photo by Waldemar on Unsplash

When you get the late-night munchies, one of the very best things to satisfy the nocturnal appetite is a sizzling hot cheesy garlic bread. But what if it’s too late to order in? No worries! @onlyeasyrecipes shared her recipe on TikTok you can make your own—and you don’t even need an oven! Shall we begin?

What You Need to Get

You might already have in your kitchen what you need in order to make this cheesy masterpiece: some garlic cloves, butter, chili flakes, oregano, bread, and cheese. You can also get some tomato sauce as a dip, if you like. Watch the video for the full list of ingredients.

An Easy Process

The process of making this garlic bread couldn’t be simpler! All you need to do is grab a cutting board, a knife, and a frying pan with a lid, and you’re good to start. Make sure you follow the recipe closely, and there’s very little room to go wrong. Once your cheese gets a golden-brown crust, your garlic bread is ready to be eaten.

Voila! You made yourself the best nighttime snack ever with minimal effort. Who needs food delivery apps, anyway?