Best Oreo Flavors You Can’t Get in the United States

Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

Oreo is an American product and the best-selling cookie brand in the United States. But despite this, Nabisco, a company that produces these delicious sandwich cookies, doesn’t offer Americans an opportunity to try every flavor from the Oreo lineup.

There are many exciting international Oreo flavors out there that have never come to the United States and probably never will. Check out the best of them and where you can find them.

Cadbury Coated (UK and Australia)

Imagine an Oreo but covered in delicious creamy milk chocolate. Well, that’s the Cadbury Coated Oreo. It is made in collaboration with the British chocolate brand Cadbury, so it makes sense that it’s only available in the UK and Australia. However, this causes American Oreo lovers to really miss out.

Coconut Delight (Asia)

Coconut Delight flavor is available in several Asian countries. It was first introduced in Indonesia, but you can also get it in China and Singapore, among other countries. The cookie comes with a coconut-flavored cream and is different from coconut-inspired Oreo offerings in the United States.

Green Tea (China and Japan)

Green tea is a popular dessert flavor in China and Japan, so it isn’t a surprise that Nabisco decided to add Oreo cookies to the list. Those who tried it gave it rave reviews, saying that the cocoa biscuits work great with green tea filling.

Strawberry Crème (Asia and South America)

Strawberry Crème Oreos are believed to be superior to any other strawberry-inspired Oreo cookies that have been introduced in the United States. They are available across Asia in Korea, Indonesia, and Japan, as well as Chile in South America.