Best Coca-Cola Flavors You Can Only Get in Japan

Coca Cola
Photo by Maximilian Bruck on Unsplash

We got accustomed to the fact that Japan has plenty of cool food and drink products that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. This is also the case with Coca-Cola, as Japanese soda enthusiasts can quench their thirst with some exciting and unusual Coca-Cola flavors that are exclusive to their country. Check out some of the best ones below, so you know what to get next time you visit.

Coca-Cola Apple

Those who have tried Coca-Cola Apple describe it as apple juice mixed with Coca-Cola. We are quite tempted to do the mixing ourselves and see what we get.

Coca-Cola Peach

Coca-Cola Peach is one of the more popular Coca-Cola exclusives in Japan. Reviews say that the taste of peach complements the taste of Coca-Cola, resulting in a pleasing drink.

Coca-Cola Vanilla Float

You can get all sorts of vanilla-flavored Coca-Cola drinks in the United States. However, this particular one is exclusive in Japan and described as sweet, creamy, and satisfying.

Coca-Cola Orange

Citrus flavors work well with Coca-Cola, so it isn’t a surprise that Japan’s Coca-Cola manufacturers decided to add orange to it. The particular flavor is quite popular in Japan and has a devoted fanbase that has kept it on the shelves for quite some time.