Baked By Rachel is An Amazing Source of Sweet Comfort Food Recipes

There’s something incredibly comforting about dishes that have the power to take you straight to your childhood with each and every bite. Food blog Baked By Rachel celebrates the beauty of beloved comfort dishes we all know and love and it will help you take your culinary skills to new heights.

The founder of this blog is a mom of three who was born and raised in New England. She’s currently based in southern New Hampshire with her family, but many of her recipes are still heavily influenced by her childhood years.

“My love for baking and playing in the kitchen goes as far back as I can remember; from making basic microwave s’mores with my grandmother to baking cookies at home… As I child I enjoyed helping my mother in the kitchen whenever possible,” explains Rachel on her blog.

Rachel initially only baked for fun, but she’s now doing it for her entire family – and almost 100,000 Instagram followers from all around the world. She started her blog as a hobby, a place where she could write down her favorite recipes before thousands of people took notice.

Rachel is mostly committed to sharing recipes for her favorite baked goods and sweet treats, but her content is pretty versatile. She’s no stranger to making the most delicious savory dishes, from salads and sauces to soups and stews.