Are You Excited For Thanksgiving? Here’s What You Need to Have On Your Table

Cherry pie
Photo by Diliara Garifullina on Unsplash

If you are as psyched as we are for Thanksgiving you’re probably already preparing your turkey day menu. The clocks have turned back, the days are shorter, and nights are colder, but we’ve got you covered with some warm and vibrant flavors to keep you toasty. Keep reading to see what you should have this Thanksgiving.


Obviously, no Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey! Turkey is juicy and flavorful and can be cooked with a melange of vibrant flavors. We recommend switching it up this year with a new recipe!

Green Bean Casserole

If you’re from the North, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. Green bean casserole is a staple in southern cooking and is sure to delight your guests this season, even if they have never had it. This delightful recipe will be a wonderful addition to your festive turkey.

Sausage and Apple Stuffing

It sounds a bit overkill to stuff stuff with more stuffing, but trust us on this one. Make good use of some of those leftover apples from this fall and whip up this recipe alongside your turkey!

Butternut Squash Pie

We’ve incorporated this recipe on the menu because it’s a little off the beaten path. If you’re feeling like sticking to tradition though, whip up a pumpkin pie or mash up some sweet potato.

Cherry Pie

End your night and cleanse your palette with a delicious and tart cherry pie. This pie will complement the rest of the meal and will taste great with a side of freshly brewed coffee!