5 Etiquette Hacks for Success at Fancy Restaurants

Fancy restaurant
Photo by K8 on Unsplash

So, you’ve snagged a reservation at that fancy restaurant you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. Congrats, you’re about to dine like royalty! But hold up, before you strut in like you own the place, let’s brush up on some key etiquette hacks to make sure you have an awkwardness-free experience.

Dress to Impress, But Be Yourself

Sure, fancy joints call for snazzy attire, but don’t go pretending you’re someone you’re not. Rock your personal style with a dash of sophistication – sneakers with a blazer? Totally acceptable.

The Fork Goes Where?

Confused about which fork to use? No worries. Let’s refresh your memory, Pretty Woman style: Start from the outside and work your way in. It’s really as simple as that! Just remember: small fork for salads, big fork for mains. Easy peasy, right?

Napkin Know-How 

When in doubt, napkin it out. As soon as you sit, grace your lap with that napkin like it’s your BFF. And if you need to step away, kindly place it on your chair, not the table.

Mind Your Manners

Last but not least, don’t forget to mind your manners. Say please and thank you, be polite to the staff, and don’t forget to compliment the chef—they’re the real MVPs.