You’ll Never Make French Fries Any Other Way

Fries in a bowl
Photo by Joyce Panda on Unsplash

French fries are a standard at many fast food outlets, but the truth is, you can achieve unbelievable French fries in your very own kitchen. It all comes down to a few tricks. After this, you’ll never seek out a drive-thru French fry ever again.  

Step #1

First things first: peel your potatoes. Russet potatoes work nicely—after all, they have a reputation as the French fry potato. Once peeled, cut them into ¼-inch slices. 

Step #2

Fill a bowl with water and ice cubes and dunk in your potato slices.

Step #3

Add white vinegar and salt to some boiling water and move your potatoes from the cold bath into the hot water. Leave them for just a couple of minutes to soften. 

Step #4

Remove the slices from the water and pat them dry. Toss the potatoes in some potato starch as this will make them extra crispy. You want the slices to still be firm and not falling apart. 

Step #5

Once coated in the starch, drop the potatoes into oil that is at 350°F and allow them to become golden. Remove the slices from the oil and instantly pour over some salt. 

Step #6

It’s totally fine to stop at step #5, but if you want to add in some extra flavor, throw in some minced garlic, grated Parmesan cheese, paprika, and fresh coriander.