Why Every Baker Needs a Cooling Rack

Cooling rack benefits
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

A cooling rack is one of those affordable baking tools that are super useful and versatile, yet not every baker has one in their kitchen. Here are a few reasons why every baker should definitely invest in a cooling wire rack.

Prevent Burning

Chances are that cookies will continue to cook for a couple of more minutes if you leave them on a hot cookie sheet. This means that there’s a slight chance of them overcooking or even burning, so it’s always better to transfer them to a cooling rack.

Prevent Sogginess

The most important reason why people use cooling racks is actually very simple: this tool allows air to circulate around your cookies. This simple trick will prevent condensation and soggy cookies and help you prepare perfectly baked goods every single time.

Make Decorating Easier

Cooling racks are useful not only for cooling baked goods but also for decorating. A wire rack will help you dress up your cookies, cupcakes, and other treats like a pro and prevent all that hot chocolate or powder sugar from ending on your plate.

It’s Inexpensive

Last but not least, it’s worth keeping in mind that cooling racks are one of those kitchen tools that are extremely affordable and can completely change your baking game.