What to Make With September Veggies

Pile of veggies
Photo by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash

It’s always a good idea to use produce such as vegetables when it’s in season. This is when it tastes the best and is the cheapest and most abundant. September brings lots of yummy seasonal veggies and there are lots of awesome fall and summer dishes you can make with them. Here are just a few.

Corn and Sweet Corn: Corn Pudding

It’s a common Thanksgiving dish in certain parts of America, but you don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to make it. This cross between pudding and cornbread is sweet, buttery, and custardy. Regular cornbread is also a great option if you want something more savory and a little less involved.

Leeks: Leek Soup

As a vegetable with an oniony but unique flavor, leeks make a really yummy addition to any cream-based soup. Adding leeks to potato soup, cauliflower soup, or corn chowder just to name a few will make for a more flavorful and more nutritious dish. You can blend up the soup ingredients for a smooth thick soup or leave finely chopped bits in the broth to add flavor and texture.

Broccoli: Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Broccoli is a delicious and diverse vegetable that pairs great with just about any meal. It can be roasted, steamed, fried, even cooked down, and blended into soup. One hearty option is broccoli cheese casserole. It uses cheese sauce and rice or pasta and is then baked in the oven, cooking the grains. It’s a great meal for lots of people or to use as leftovers.