Want to Make Tofu Taste Better? Here’s How to Improve it

Tofu in a blue bowl
Photo by Sherman Kwan on Unsplash

Tofu is great for your health thanks to being low in calories and high in protein. But many people see it as a food with low in flavor and a high probability of tasting bad. However, this is simply not true.

Tofu can be as good and flavorsome as you make it. So, if you want to have better-tasting tofu, you can take some of these steps to improve it.

Choose the Right Consistency For You

Everything starts with the tofu itself. Tofu comes in several varieties, each with a different consistency ranging from soft (silken tofu) to extra firm. Try them all and pick out the one you like the most. In case of emergency, you can also press the tofu to change the consistency or rub some spices in it.

Marinate the Tofu

Marinating tofu will do wonders for its taste. If it spends overnight in some marinade or even just plain barbecue sauce, tofu will soak up the flavor and taste a lot better when cooked.

Drain the Tofu

Draining the tofu will help it take on the flavors from marinade or sauces better. Simply press it to remove excess liquid before cooking.

Cover the Tofu with Cornstarch

We can all agree that crispy food somehow immediately tastes better. So try covering the tofu with cornstarch and simply frying it in a pan until it’s golden brown on each side. Then simply dip it in your favorite sauce and enjoy the crunch.