Top 3 Tips for Perfectly Boling Your Potatoes

Boiled pototoes
Photo by cleo stracuzza on Unsplash

Boiled potatoes can be used in all sorts of different dishes, from potato salad to mashed potatoes, but they also taste perfect when eaten on their own. It’s pretty easy to cook them, but if you feel there’s something missing when you do it, these tips will help you boil them to perfection.

Best Potatoes

Red, yellow, or purple potatoes are the best varieties when it comes to boiling since they hold their shape, won’t absorb too much water, and can keep a nice texture even after being cooked. Medium-sized and small potatoes will cook much faster, and you should consider cutting them if they’re too large.

Perfect Timing

It can be difficult to determine how long to cook your potatoes. Smaller ones take about 10 to 15 minutes, while large potatoes should be cooked anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes. You can always use a fork to check their tenderness if you’re not sure if they’re done cooking.

Different Methods

Potatoes can be boiled in many different ways, but boiling them on the stove is always the best idea. You can experiment with a microwave, slow cooker, and instant pot, but you’ll probably come to a conclusion that the traditional method is the best and requires the least effort.