Tips For Dinner Etiquette

Table manners can be essential when dining with a fancier crowd. Follow these simple tips at your next business dinner.

Salt and Pepper Stick Together

Even when someone only asks for the salt, give them the pepper as well. The salt and pepper should never be separated.

Dig in at the Right Time

When you are invited to dinner at someone’s home, always wait for the host to begin their meal before reaching for your fork.

Napkins are Not Tissues

Napkins at a dinner should only be used for lightly wiping the corners of your mouth. If you need to blow your nose, excuse yourself to use the restroom.

Practice Quiet Eating

No one wants to hear you chewing and slurping away! Scraping a plate is also considered poor table manners.

Seasoning Food

When sitting down for a proper meal, it’s correct etiquette to taste your food before seasoning it additionally in any way.

Holding A Wineglass

Red wine glasses may be held by the bowl, but white wine should always be held by the stem. The warmth of our fingers is said to gently heat the wine when it is held by the bowl.