This Simple Hack Can Help You Remove Corn From the Cob in No Time

Corn on the cob
Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari on Unsplash

Removing corn from the cob is both time-consuming and messy. You are trying to get all of those stubborn kernels while watching them fly around your kitchen each time you make a sudden movement. It’s something that prompts most people to just leave it all and buy canned corn instead. But this might not be the best approach.

There is one simple hack that will help you remove corn from the cob in no time. There is some mess still included, but you’ll finish a batch in a matter of minutes.

Simple Hack for Removing Corn From the Cob

As with all good cooking hacks these days, the one for removing corn from the cob quickly comes from TikTok. It is showcased in a video posted by @denisemellott300, which received 14 million views and 1.1 million likes in a short period of time.

The clip shows the user’s son removing corn kernels at an amazing speed by using an angel food tube cake pan turned upside down. He is simply pushing the corn through the tube, with the pan collecting all the kernels and the cob just sliding straight into the sink.

Note that you’ll end up with a wet shirt if you don’t use an apron while doing this, but it is surely worth the time you will save. Check out the demonstration below.


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