This Pancake Hack Will Cut Cooking Time in Half

Photo by Joshua Ryder on Unsplash

Mornings are stressful. Unless you’re the kind who gets up at the crack of dawn and manages to work out, get ready, and eat a balanced breakfast without breaking a sweat, chances are you’re checking your watch, realizing you’re late, grabbing a banana and bolting out the door!

For those of us in the second category (you know who you are), having pancakes in the morning is a dream reserved for lazy days with no responsibilities. But why curb your cravings? If you want pancakes to start your day, but don’t have time to spend stirring batter, this trick will be a game changer. 

Next time you make flapjacks, make a little extra batter and pour the leftover into an ice cube tray. Add whatever toppings you like on top—we’re not saying no to chocolate chips, but fruit, nuts, and granola work well too—and pop them into the freezer. 

When you’re ready to make them, simply place the cube on a pan and allow the batter to melt. Flip them over when ready and you’ve got yourself a flapjack in a flash!