This is the Easiest Way to Poach an Egg

Poached egg
Photo by David B Townsend on Unsplash

Everyone likes their eggs a different way. Queen Elizabeth II eats a soft-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast every morning, but if you had to ask us which way we prefer our eggs, we’re going poached. 

A perfectly poached egg is one that lies on a slice of toast or on top of a salad and oozes out that golden yellow yolk when it’s cut.

Unfortunately, poached eggs also happen to be one of the hardest forms to cook. If hard-boiled eggs are for dummies, poached eggs are for rocket scientists. The soft-yet-firm texture typically involves creating a water vortex to achieve (we told you, rocket science) but we have come across a method that is so simple that even hard-boiled aficionados may alter their breakfast routine. 

All you need is a strainer. Seriously. 

Crack your egg into a strainer and then plop it into a pot of boiling water. No spinning, swirling vortex necessary. Just let it be. The egg will begin to cook quickly so definitely keep an eye on it. 

Once the white is opaque, gently lift it out, place it on your avocado toast or asparagus, and make sure your phone camera is ready to capture the money shot.