The Biscoff Iced Latte is the Newest, Sweetest TikTok Coffee Trend

Cookie butter latte
Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

TikTok seems to be the birthplace of hundreds of creative food ideas, and coffee hacks are no exception. Iced coffee has already been a popular summer drink for years, and the latest TikTok trend reveals the recipe behind the Starbucks secret menu “cookie butter latte”. This sweet and icy coffee drink uses Biscoff cookie butter to flavor an iced latte. Here’s how to make it.


cookie butter latte 🍪 cookie butter, oat milk, strong coffee, and more frothed oat milk 🙂 #samscafe #homecafe #cookie #butter #latte #foryou #fyp

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Start with speculoos cookie butter, strong brewed coffee (cold brewed or espresso, preferably), milk and/or cream (depending how rich you like your coffee), and plenty of ice.

If you’re using hot coffee, you’ll be able to combine the coffee and cookie butter more easily. However, the ice will water down the coffee more than if it’s cold brewed. Mix up as much coffee as you’d like with a heaping spoonful of cookie butter.

Next, add your ice. Add a bit and mix it up to totally cool down the coffee. Then add more ice to fill up the glass. Finally, add your milk, milk alternative, or creamer and a finish with bit of heavy cream if you like. Top with whipped cream, foamed milk, or cold foam. Garnish with a cookie and a straw. Enjoy!