Tea is the Drink That Stains Teeth the Most

Having white teeth is important to many people. Some go to great lengths to keep them that way, including sustaining from drinks like coffee and red wine, which are considered the main culprits for teeth staining. However, it turns out this isn’t actually true.

According to dentist Inna Chern of New York General Dentistry, the drink that stains your teeth the most is tea. Dr. Chern revealed this in a chat with Well + Good, saying that the high tannin concentration is the reason why this hot beverage affects the whiteness of the teeth. Tannins are polyphenolic compounds commonly found in tea plants.

Not All Tea Will Stain Your Teeth

Still, not all tea is equally bad for your teeth. For example, black tea and oolong teas contain the most tannin and will cause the most staining. On the other hand, green tea is low in tannin, and drinking it won’t have the same effect. This is also the case with herbal teas like chamomile and hibiscus.

Tips for Preventing Teeth Stains

Dr. Chern also shared some tips that will prevent teeth staining when drinking tea. She recommends adding milk to your tea in order to neutralize the effect of tannin. Also, you can drink your tea using a straw, which will minimize the contact the drink makes with your teeth.