Take Your Sandwich Game to a Whole Other Level With These Simple Tricks

Photo by Colin Michel on Unsplash

Making a sandwich isn’t rocket science. Place something between two pieces of bread, and you get yourself a sandwich. However, making a great sandwich is a little more complicated.

If you are bored of dull and “just okay” sandwiches that aren’t exciting, you should step up your sandwich game. Here are some tricks on how to do it.

Use Quality Bread

Some may argue that the ingredients are the most important part of a sandwich, but bread is at least equally important. You should always use quality bread and one that tastes great without any addition. If that is not an option, then toast the bread you have or griddle it with some butter.

Be Generous with Condiments and Spreads

Don’t skimp on the condiments and spreads. Make sure you put enough so that you can taste them in every part of the sandwich.

Spread Butter or Mayonnaise on Both Sides of the Bread

Continuing with the theme of being generous, you should spread butter or mayo on both sides of the bread before assembling the sandwich. They will help keep the moisture from wet ingredients from soaking up the bread and making it soggy.

Don’t Underestimate the Important of Veggies

Veggies can make or break a sandwich. If you want them to be on the tasty side, you should always wash them before assembly to “lift their spirits.” Of course, they also have to be quality vegetables, and don’t forget to season them properly. A bit of salt and pepper will do wonders.