Roast Your Radishes to Perfection in Three Short Steps

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

Most people eat their radishes raw or pickled, but these are just two of many different ways to consume them. Roasted radishes can taste just as good, especially if you follow these three steps to make them as delicious as it gets.

Perfect Size

Before tossing your radishes into the pan, it’s important to wash them thoroughly because they grow underground and can get pretty dirty. Once that’s done, you should consider cutting them in half unless they’re really small. It’s recommended to roast them the flat side down for even cooking.

Flavor Combos

Most people avoid roasted radishes because they can be bitter and earthy, but you can balance out their flavor by using the right ingredients. Sweet and acidic seasonings can tone down their bitterness, and balsamic glaze and lemon juice are two of the best options. Serving them with dipping sauces with a sweeter taste is also an option if you find them too bitter.

Right Timing

The amount of time you’ll spend roasting your radishes depends on the taste and texture you’re trying to achieve. Ten to 15 minutes is all it takes if you prefer your radishes on the crispy and crunchy side, but you should consider cooking them for longer if you like them to be soft and tender.