Recipes You Can Make From Leftover Egg Yolks

Leftover egg yolks
Photo by Oliver Zenglein on Unsplash

Every person who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen knows how frustrating it is when you have some leftover egg yolks or egg whites. However, this may be the perfect opportunity to make some delicious recipes you haven’t tried before. Here are some tasty recipes you can make if you have leftover egg yolks.


This delicious and creamy vanilla custard is the perfect topping for every dessert, from tarts and muffins to apple pies and cookies.


We know that mayonnaise isn’t the healthiest condiment you can make, but at least you can choose your ingredients when making homemade mayonnaise. If you have any leftover egg yolks, you can mix this tasty condiment in only a few minutes.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Making ice cream is super fun and this homemade dessert is always better than most store-bought ice-creams. Surprise your guests and family with this delicious homemade vanilla ice cream.

Hollandaise Sauce

This staple of French cuisine is super easy to make if you have some leftover eggs. Mix them with butter and lemon juice and serve this beautiful sauce with every meal.