Put Too Much Salt in Your Dish? Here’s How to Save It

Salty meat
Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

We have all been there. Maybe you got carried away and salted your dish twice. Or the salt shaker got loose and dispensed more salt than you intended. These scenarios usually result in over-salted food that isn’t exactly edible anymore.

Most people don’t even bother trying to save dishes they have put too much salt in, thinking they have reached a point of no return. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can still save your food by trying some of the tricks below.

Water for Soups and Broths

The quickest way to bring down the salt level in dishes like soups and broths is to increase the water level. Just return the dish to the stove, add cold water, and bring it to a boil again. You can also add more of the other ingredients if you are afraid that the dish will become watered down.           

Starchy Ingredients for Liquid Dishes

One way you can negate some of the saltiness of your liquid dish is by adding a starchy ingredient to it. Starches like raw potatoes quickly absorb salt and you can always discard them once it’s time to eat.

Lemon Juice for Fish

The acidity of lemon juice will counter the salt and make it less expressive. The downside is it can make your dish too lemony, which is why this technique best suits fish dishes.

Sour Cream for Tomato Sauce

This might not seem like a natural fit, but the best way to save your tomato sauce is to add some sour cream to it. The cream will not only balance the salty flavor, but it will also make the sauce creamier.

Creamy Sauces for Meat

If you have over-salted chicken or other meat, your best bet is to soak it in a creamy sauce. Dairy products work well against salt and they will efficiently mask it.