Put a Healthy Twist on Your Donuts with These Useful Tips

How to make healthy donuts
Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Donuts are one of the ultimate comfort foods, and it’s pretty much impossible to find someone who doesn’t love them. The only tricky thing about them is that they’re often packed with calories and unhealthy fats, but you can use these tips to try and make them healthier.

No Frying

Fried, glazed donuts may be the most popular option on the market, but they’re also the unhealthiest ones. If you want to make your donuts healthier, baking them in the oven is your best bet.

Flour Choice

The flour you’re using can make all the difference when it comes to donuts. You can switch your regular wheat flour for healthier alternatives, especially you’re trying to make gluten-free donuts.

Cutting on Sugar

Donuts are one of those desserts that often tend to be much sweeter than they should be. You can solve this problem by cutting on the sugar you’re using, especially when it comes to sugar-rich toppings, such as colorful sprinkles and Nutella.

Healthy Toppings

Ditching unhealthy toppings makes all the difference when it comes to donuts. Seeds, fruits, and nuts are much healthier than chocolaty spreads, which often contain artificial sweeteners.