Pull-Me-Up Foods are Taking Instagram By Storm

Screenshot from Instagram

It’s been a while since Instagram has given us a new food trend that got everyone talking, but the wait for the next big thing is finally over. Pull-me-up foods are showing up everywhere right now and here are the three most popular dishes that put this trend on the map.

Pull-Me-Up Cakes

Before this trend took hold of the culinary world and started showing up everywhere, we only had pull-me-up cakes. They were wrapped with a transparent cake strip, and pulling it up was all it took to transform the cake into something magical and reveal its true nature.

Pull-Me-Up Noodles

The time when pull-me-up cakes went viral is long behind us and they now made room for another amazing trend—pull-me-up noodles. They’re yet to take the world by storm, but they made their way to some Asian restaurants and they look quite delicious.

Pull-Me-Up Salads

Pull-me-up salads follow a similar formula to cakes that inspired this trend and we’re loving them just as much. Food blogger Hina Gujral is putting them on the map and you can easily make them by arranging salad ingredients atop each other and pulling the wrap up.