Potato Lovers Have to Try These Delicious Cakes

Photo: Finbar.concaig/Wikimedia Commons

Even if you’ve already tried potatoes in almost every shape, you’ll still have cravings for a new dish with your favorite veggie. Turn your love for potatoes into mouth-watering, savory cakes. 

To get the best flavor, you should use leftover mashed potatoes. After filling them with creative mix-ins, fry them to get crispy, and eat while they are still warm. If you’re out of ideas, try these tasty combinations.

Beef and Mushroom Potato Cakes

The terrific stuffing of beef and mushrooms tastes amazing when combined with potatoes—and this mix is as soft and lovely as it gets.

Fish Potatoes Cakes

This is a truly amazing mix, and it allows you to use salmon and potato leftovers to make a tasty and light dish.

Spinach and Cheese Potato Cakes

The cheese melted in the middle, filled with spinach, is a dreamy combination to use as stuffing for potato cakes.

Bacon Potato Cakes

It’s time for the best stuffing of all—made with bacon, broccoli, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese—inside crispy potato cakes.