Pick the Healthiest Possible Breakfast Cereal in 3 Short Steps

Picking healthy cereals
Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast options because you can make it in under a minute when you’re running short on time. That doesn’t necessarily make it healthy, but checking the labels and paying extra attention to these three factors will help you make the right choice.

Whole Grains

To make sure your breakfast cereal isn’t highly processed, go with whole grains cereals whenever possible. The main benefit of these cereals is that they haven’t lost the majority of their healthy nutrients during the production process, so they’re better than all the alternatives.

Low Sugar Content

Even if you like your cereal to be sweet, you should avoid the ones with high sugar content and try to sweeten it on your own with natural add-ins. Cereals that contain more than five grams of sugar per serving are best avoided since they’re usually packed with refined sugars and artificial flavorings.

High Fiber Content

If you’re trying to up your fiber intake early in the morning, look for cereal that contains at least four grams of fiber in every serving. If you don’t manage to find one that reaches this goal, you can easily up your fiber content by using fruits as a topping.