Pick Out the Best Quality Meat in the Grocery Store With These Tips

Raw meat
Photo by Mary Winchester on Unsplash

A lot of people get their meat in supermarkets because it’s a more convenient and cheaper option than going to a butcher shop. However, this route also has some major flaws. Meat in the grocery stores can sometimes sit in the freezer for a lot longer than it should, causing its quality to drop significantly. This is why it’s important to learn how to pick out the best quality meat during your shopping spree. These tips below will help you do so.

Check Out the Color

Red meat like beef should be precisely that, red. If you notice a brownish color or some spots, that is a good indicator that the meat has been sitting around for a while and is probably not a good choice.

Look at the Fat

Fat is the thing that actually gives the meat more flavor. To get the best cut, look at the marbled meat or one that has fat surrounding the cut.

Avoid Liquid

A significant amount of liquid in the package is a red flag. The meat “swimming” in liquid was usually not appropriately stored and it could be spoiled.

Touch the Meat

Touching the meat is another cool trick that will help you determine whether it’s good or not. However, it only applies if the package has a see-through plastic wrap. Gently pressure the meat with your index finger. If the dent quickly goes away, the meat should be okay.