Mei Yee’s Mango Desserts Are Just the Thing You Need This Summer

Mei Yee is Instagram’s queen of picture-perfect desserts that happen to be healthy and delicious at the same time. Many of them put our favorite fruits to some good use, and if you have a special place in your heart for mangos, here are five delicious recipes you should try.

Mango Slices

Made with just six ingredients, these mango slices are the perfect option if you want to make a quick and easy dessert.

Mango Ice Cream

The season of ice cream is upon us, and if you want to make one that tastes just like mangos, it only takes four ingredients to get it done.

Mango Snowball Mochi

Speaking of refreshing treats you can make with mangos and a short list of other ingredients, Yee’s take on the traditional Japanese rice cake, known as mochi, is just the thing you need.

Tropical Mango & Passion Fruit Cake

Mango and passion fruit are common ingredients in many of Yee’s tropical desserts, but she took things to a whole new level by mixing them together to make this delicious cake.

Mango Tartlets

Picture-perfect tartlets are one of Yee’s specialties, and these ones consist of white chocolate mousse and fresh mango filling.