Make Your Brussels Sprouts Tastier With These Tips

Brussels sprouts
Photo by Jodi Pender on Unsplash

Brussels sprouts are not the most appealing veggie for most people. But they are extremely healthy, which is why everyone should try and find a way to include them in their diet. If you are struggling with that, maybe these tips will help you.

Coat Them in Honey

If you can’t eat it, then sweet it. Honey is a great addition to Brussels sprouts, especially if you are roasting them. It will caramelize the veggies and offset the bitter taste.

Add Bits of Bacon

Bacon makes most things taste better, and it is not any different from Brussels sprouts. By mixing the two, you will get the richness of the bacon fat stick to Brussels sprouts and completely change their flavor profile.

Dust With Smoked Paprika

Those who have tried dusting Brussels sprouts with smoked paprika say that this gives them an almost meat-like flavor. We can understand if some of you have reservations about this claim, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Splash Some Fish Sauce

Fish sauce will infuse the Brussels sprouts with some saltiness and a brine-like taste. This will mask the bitterness of the veggie and make them go down more easily. Only a few drips are fine so make sure you don’t overdo it.