Liz Miu Is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Instagram introduced us to countless amazing bloggers who completely changed the way we look at food, and it’s always fun to find a new one. Liz Miu is one of the biggest rising stars on the platform, and her recipes are as healthy and delicious as it gets.

With over 200,000 followers under her belt on Instagram and over 80,000 more on TikTok, Miu already conquered the world and she has thousands of eyes on her every time she drops a new recipe. She describes herself as “a chaotic neutral Gemini”, who enjoys sharing “fun planty recipes” with the world.

Miu is based in Sydney, Australia, she embarked on her own plant-based journey eight years ago. That’s why she mostly specializes in vegan dishes, or as she calls them “delicious recipes that are tasty, easy and nourishing for the soul.”

Miu’s food blog is a perfect source of inspiration if you’re trying to embrace a plant-based diet, but aren’t exactly sure where to start. She came up with recipes for everything from breakfast foods and desserts to sauces and salads, often inspired by Asian cuisine.

Miu became such a huge sensation that she outgrew the borders of her food blog, and published her own cookbook. It’s called Easy Vegan Christmas, and we’re sure it’s just the first of many that she’s going to write in the future.