Kiwi Desserts For All Sour Taste Lovers

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Kiwi is a vitamin bomb, and it’s far from being an ordinary fruit. It is very tasty and healthy, it is a real treasure trove of vitamins—especially C, A, E, K, and B complexes. It’s much better to eat it raw—since cooking it can destroy its vitamin content—and you can use fresh kiwis for these desserts.

Kiwi Pavlova Cake

This cake recipe is very simple and easy to make. It’s very creamy and crispy at the same time, and using kiwis as a topping is just what you need.

Kiwi Pie

When Sunday lunch is done, and everyone is waiting for a special dessert, a kiwi pie is just the right choice. This green pie is not just a delight for the eyes, it’s refreshing for our stomach, as well.

Kiwi Tart

Healthy sweets are always a smart choice, including the kiwi tart. Little refreshing delights are just the thing you need, and this one is crusty, creamy, and savory at once.

Kiwi Cheesecake

When a regular berry cheesecake is not enough, you should definitely give a try to some new recipes. This kiwi cheesecake is a very creative and vitamin C rich dessert.