Keep Your Bread From Going Moldy With These Tips

Loaf of bread
Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

Bread is most certainly one of life’s simple pleasures. Give it to us warm with melted butter and you’ll be our friend for life. While it’s totally possible to eat a whole loaf of bread at once (no judgment from us), these are the best ways to store your loaf to keep it as fresh as can be. 

Freeze It

Freezing bread is the best way to preserve that crusty loaf for the longest time possible. Wrap it up tightly in a freezer bag, either whole or sliced. When defrosting, do so overnight in the fridge as it will get soggy on the counter. You can also reheat it by placing it in the oven at 325F for 25-30 minutes.

Paper, Not Plastic

It may feel like the right idea to store your bread in plastic, but doing so actually encourages mold to grow on your loaf. Instead, keep it in a paper bag on the countertop and eat it within 2-3 days. 

Location, Location, Location

Keep your bread in a cool, dry area to avoid mold getting its clutches into your loaf. On top of the fridge is a bad plan as the heat from the fridge will cause bread in a paper bag to dry out, and plastic-bagged bread to become moldy. It’s also a good idea to keep bread away from your dishwasher.