Jessica Merchant’s Best Corn Recipes to Try Before the Summer is Over

Corn is one of those seasonal summer snacks that simply don’t taste the same during any other season. If you’re tired of eating corn on the cob and want to try some other amazing recipes before the summer is over, head to Jessica Merchant’s food blog How Sweet Eats for some mouth-watering ideas.

Bang Bang Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is not a novelty on the culinary scene, but there’s something that sets Merchant’s go-to recipe for this timeless classic apart. You can add a ton of flavor by drizzling it with a creamy, sweet, and spicy sauce and topping it with cotija cheese and fresh herbs.

Flaming Hot Cheetos Grilled Corn

If the previous recipe isn’t spicy enough for your taste, Merchant’s got you covered with this one. Inspired by the taste of Flaming Hot Cheetos, this grilled corn is covered with a mix of cotija cheese and mayo, before being rolled through the crushed Cheetos.

Sun Dried Tomato Corn Chowder

If you’re looking for a corn recipe that isn’t strictly seasonal and can be eaten any time of year, this chowder is just the thing you need. Sun-dried tomatoes and corn are two of its main ingredients, but you can really bring the best out of them with crispy goat cheese croutons.