If You Love Fried Chicken And Waffles, You’ll Love This Place in New York

Fried chicken and waffles have been a classic dish of American cuisine for years, but this traditional dish got a whole new spin to it by Chick N Cone.

Instead of using classic bone-in chicken, Chick N Cone coats tender, boneless chicken breast pieces with a delicious panic breadcrumb coating. The pieces are fried until crispy and chopped into bite sized pieces. That already sounds delicious enough, but Chick N Cone takes it to the next level by tossing the chicken in homemade sauce and stuffing the morsels into homemade vanilla waffle cones.

Their menu often serves up specials like Sriracha Mac and cheese fried chicken waffle cone—which is just as delicious and decadent as it sounds.

According to the shop’s owner, there is always a line outside their door of hungry New Yorkers just waiting to get their hands on a Chick N Cone. “We serve about 450 cones a day and there are days when we’ve even hit 1,000,” co-owner Jonathan Almanzar told TODAY Food. “We go through about 2,500 pounds of chicken per week.”